Hanes yr Ardal

The Llanboidy ward has a rich and varied local history.
Ysgol St. Brynach new
Ysgol St. Brynach newydd
The Market Hall Llanboidy
Neuadd Y Farchnad Llanboidy
Original school building
Adeilad gwreiddiol yr ysgol
Famous sculptor sir William goscombe John responsible for, 'the grief' a marble statue memorial to w r h Powell.
Now housed inside St brynach Church.
More than 30 years ago, when my children were in primary school, I used to go to Carmarthen on the bus and go to the library to research local history. The items are taken from the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society notes which were available at the time. I have attached a couple of examples - one about the church and the other about Gwal y Viliast (quite an interesting and relevant read at the moment). I must have been given the photograph of the church. Someone has written on the back "1967?" and it was taken before the rhododendrons were removed and the wall was replaced.
Gwal Y Viliast: see attachment for more information about the cromlech near Llanglydwen.
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Some pictures of Llanboidy village and its residents over the years.
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